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Throughout this pandemic, many have thanked me for my service. It is now my turn to thank those who have contributed to my success.

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Throughout this pandemic, but most especially in the very beginning, so many people expressed their gratitude for my colleagues and me on the front lines fighting COVID. My pastor called us “COVID Fighters,” and I have always loved that title.

New Yorkers, all on lockdown, would go out their windows…

I don’t want anyone to get Covid after being vaccinated. If this were to happen, the immune response get an enormous boost.

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I don’t want anyone to get Covid after being fully vaccinated, a so-called “breakthrough infection.” I wish they would never happen. The reality is, however, breakthrough infections do happen. And, it seems, they are happening more often this Fall.

This is not totally surprising. While it would be ideal for…

Despite the relentless waves of COVID and the hopelessness they can easily instill, there is still the opportunity in the ICU to help people heal from terrible affliction.

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This is the one who will keep you busy tonight.

These were the words of my partner in the ICU, signing out a woman who was suffering from ongoing bleeding from her gastrointestinal tract. She came into the hospital for a routine endoscopy. Suddenly, she started bleeding. …


So many people are now suffering chronic, long-term health problems after COVID. You need to get vaccinated.

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I’m more comfortable with naturally fighting [Covid-19] off than taking a shot that they said [is] 99% effective and no risk, to then track back and say we missed something.

This is how someone close to me explained why he didn’t get vaccinated against Covid-19. There is so much to…


A recent patient experience showed me this, and I am so relieved and eternally grateful

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He was struggling to breathe. His oxygen levels kept declining, and he needed to come to the ICU to be placed on a ventilator. He had metastatic cancer, and his upper airway muscles were so weak that he kept inhaling his stomach contents into his lungs.

When I saw him…

Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa

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