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So many people are now suffering chronic, long-term health problems after COVID. You need to get vaccinated.

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I’m more comfortable with naturally fighting [Covid-19] off than taking a shot that they said [is] 99% effective and no risk, to then track back and say we missed something.

This is how someone close to me explained why he didn’t get vaccinated against Covid-19. There is so much to…


A recent patient experience showed me this, and I am so relieved and eternally grateful

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He was struggling to breathe. His oxygen levels kept declining, and he needed to come to the ICU to be placed on a ventilator. He had metastatic cancer, and his upper airway muscles were so weak that he kept inhaling his stomach contents into his lungs.

When I saw him…

Two major implications of this research: (1) Get your vaccine; (2) Wear a mask.

It has happened to me and my colleagues far too often: watching a patient die from complications of COVID-19. While the ultimate cause of death is multiorgan failure — shock, respiratory failure, kidney failure, etc — the question is what caused this multiorgan failure?

Many have postulated that secondary bacterial…

Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa

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